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If you’re brand new to Climate of Success, you might be wondering where to start. Check out the scenarios below for the one that best matches your situation and then ask yourself this…are you frustrated enough to discover a much easier way?

The climate informs the character
~Melissa Leo


There’s a crack in the foundation of your business and you don’t even know it’s there. The riskier piece is that It’s getting bigger each day.

We’re expert at diagnosing hidden stressors beneath the surface of your business so that you and your business can thrive rather than just survive in these rapidly changing times.

Using our proven three-prong approach, we address the “stress” in the “total” environment (person and place) to create a robust and productive landscape of well-being and profit making it easier to do business in these tough economic times.

We’re not interested in pulling you or your employees away from money making projects for yet another stress management seminar. Our only interest is in creating an environment for you with a unified mindset and inspired mood where everyone thrives!

In fact, we actually do most of the work for you so you and your employees can spend time more productively; servicing clients, creating new products and improving bottom line performance for greater return on investment.

Our techniques are fast acting, innovative and unconventional because we believe that in these uncertain yet advancing times, business as usual is no longer an option.

Scenario 1

You’re working as hard as you can as a small business owner. Everyone is pulling at you. In fact your quality of life is becoming compromised.

You want to work smarter, enjoy the fruits of your labor but you can barely breathe let alone be creative, productive and a leader. You need quick relief with fast results.

Traditional business practices have only taken you so far because they address the symptom not the cause.

The cause, when left unaddressed, delay and often negate results, block creativity, repel new clients, attract unexpected costs and problems reducing bottom line profit and employer and employee mood.

Now there’s an easier, quicker and more effective way. Our proven, systematized Transformational System. If you are ready for an innovative, simplified approach which addresses the root cause of your issues, solving your problems faster, and often proactively shifting adverse events before they even occur for a faster and more sustainable climate of success, then Click here now to schedule an initial conversation. Ask yourself this? How much more are you willing to compromise?

Scenario 2

Your top sales producer comes to work feeling distraught after her husband has told her he’s leaving her and their three children. She manages to show up with a smile and ready to work. Now that’s just not the “whole” picture. Our thoughts create a magnetic field and our feelings an electric one.  We become an electric current, a transmission of information.

When we experience intense emotions repeatedly, these emotions become discharged into our environments affecting the people in it. You know the phrase, the tensions is so thick in here you could cut it with a knife. When these emotional charges are left unchanged, they become the blueprint for our future. Clearing these emotional charges and providing proven coping skills for a stressed employee is critical to the well being and climate of success of a business. Click here now to schedule an initial conversation and get your employees clear! Can you really afford not to call?


Scenario 3

Your business has undergone radical changes; key clients have gone out of business, you’ve had to lay people off, existing employees are overworked and over stressed. This situation has gone on far too long. Morale is low and so is productivity.  You can’t seem to see your way out.

The collective emotional stress from employees builds rapidly and creates a holding pattern blocking success. Clearing this stress quickly restores flow; the necessary balance for creativity, productivity and happy employees. Implementing a maintenance package to insure a continuing climate of success is your insurance policy for the future. Don’t be held hostage by your environment or your employees emotions. Click here now to schedule an initial conversation and get your employees and your environment clear and opportunity ready!


Scenario 4

You’ve moved your business into a new office space. The prior business in this space went bankrupt so you got a good rental deal. However, hundreds of people lost their jobs, many families were devastated, the owner was diagnosed with depression and top executives lost much of their savings.

The landlord has physically cleaned and painted but he can’t clear the extreme emotional and mental stress lingering from this last tragic experience. Can you really afford to set up shop in these toxic energetic conditions?
Click here now to schedule an initial conversation and get your environment clear and opportunity ready!

We can clearly see what you can’t. The intangibles preventing your success!

From removing the stressors contributing to a poor climate that you didn’t even know were getting in the way to creating a strategic environment that supports even the toughest goals, we’ll uncover the gold often hidden right in front of you so you can experience fast acting results!

In business, climate refers to how people feel about working for a company AND the climate of a company is impacted more than 50% by how people feel about the leadership and the leader.

Did you know that the overall climate of a company can account for 20-30% of the bottom-line performance? That’s a whole lot of dollars and cents! Wouldn’t it make sense then to insure you have an optimal climate for success because when it comes to climate, what you don’t know WILL hurt you.

Our methods: We create a climate of success using
time tested tools that clear and correct negative stress for both the environment and the employee.  Our highly charged experiences, thoughts and feelings can build over time and become the script from which we operate. They have power!

When left unchecked, negative stressors can offensively impact your bottom-line, cause high employee turnover, contribute to poor morale, low productivity and even ill health. Can you really afford not to correct these layers.



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